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Elemis Skin Care Products!

Hey everyone!

So ive had a lottttttttt of tweets about Elemis products. Two in particular - one is the Sensitive Cleansing wash and the Melting Cleansing Gel.


That is literally the overall opinion of the two products.

Some of you wanted to know what the bottles look like, if there was a pump dispenser, what they smelled of, if the melting wash melted, how to use them etc etc etc there were loooooads of questions!

So first things first;-

Sensitive Cleansing Wash
I have used this, but my skin isnt all that sensitive, so i asked my lovely sister, Katy, to try the wash because she has got reeeeally sensitive skin, to the point that she comes out in red blotches when she used an average soap, so Katy tried this and this was her verdict;-

"The smell of the product is quite strong when it is in the bottle, but when i put this on the smell wasnt strong at all, the product went on easily and lathered on my skin, when i rinsed it off, my skin generally just felt really clean, there was no residue on my skin and most importantly, not a red blotch in sight!"

All of the things katy says are her own opinions, she loved the product and has asked me to get her a bottle for her Christmas but we will have to wait and see what santa brings!

Onto the Melting Cleansing Gel

I used this and i have to say this is now my cult product! ANOTHER ONE! arrrgghh!! im addicted. Okay so you apply this onto dry skin and then rub this in with wet fingertips, then you just rinse it off and it makes your skin feel super soft and clean. A few people wanted to know if it 'melts' the answer to that is no it doesnt melt while its on, but it feels like its melting off when you rinse it off. It left my skin slightly tight which is AMAZING for anti ageing - im 26 so dont really need it but prevention is better than cure!

Anyways, to buy these amazing products go to

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, id gladly answer them or get in touch with the lovely ladies at Elemis for some info if you need me to :)



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