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These Are My Confessions..

Hey everyone!

So just as the title of the blog says - These are my confessions! nothing too juicy it's just a list of things that bug me. So in case you dont fancy watching the video, i will list some of the things below!

1 - "Yorkie. Its Not For Girls" - Thats right i cannot stand those silly adverts that are all gimmicky and say 'theyre not for girls.' i think its a trick to try and get girls to say weeellll i had one and i can manage it, as if to encourage us to rebel against them - well guess what? ive never bought a yorkie since. Nice try Yorkie marketers, your foolish antics are trickin' no-one!

2 - Bad Manners - Ever since i can remember, i have been taught, like most people to say please and thank you, it doesnt take a lot, it only takes a second of your time, but its polite! The amount of times ive seen people ignore a waitress, roll their eyes and not even lift their arms when a waitress comes to wipe the table is appalling! seriously!! i might sound like a granny at the moment but i think its important to say thanks and to say please when asking for something.

3 - People - Okay so this is a bit of a controversial one. I dont dislike all people, i dont dislike any people really actually, but i do dislike some things that people say. For example, who says to someone "You could totally be a model...*queue a big smile from Holly* ... If you lost SOME WEIGHT!" Who on earth gave you the right to talk to me like that? call me strange but when i give someone a compliment, i give a real, genuine compliment, one that i know will make someone happy and is not back handed! AND ANOTHER THING! Who actually says to someone "Are you pregnant?" for starters, no, i am not, im just a big chunkster, and secondly, why would you ask someone if they were pregnant if you had any doubt they were and you might offend them? So rude!

4 - Tissue Paper - I dislike tissue paper immensely, to the point where when i have a cold i actually let baby wipes dry out so that i can use them instead. I looaaatheee the sound of a tissue and i dislike the texture in general, even the thought of it makes me all BLAH!

5 - People dragging their teeth on their fork when eating - I really dont like the noise of someone dragging their teeth on their fork when they are eating. It makes a horrible sound and i hate the thought of metal near teeth.  I equally dislike people heavy breathing when they eat.

So there are a few things that really bug me, but with all of that said and all the moaning ive done, i actually am more of a lover than a hater and very few things really frustrate me, those are just things that are little annoyances.

Now to balance up the whole thing, i have LOADS of faults, all of which i am aware of - Im loud, i laugh at a swinging gate, i fidget, i sing in the middle of a conversation, i cant get my words out, i pull funny facial expressions, i dont wear socks, i brush my hair in the middle of a pub, i talk too much and im paranoid about everything. Those are just a few of my faults so please dont think im not aware of them.

Anyways, please let me know what youre annoyances are etc and i wont feel so bad about telling you all mine!


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