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MUA - Copycat Rubbish or Cost Effective Dupes?

Hey everyone!

I've never really done a post which is controversial but this is a topic which has bugged me for a long time now, and after having spoken to many of you on Twitter & Facebook, a lot of you have expressed your feelings about it too.

"It" being the fact that MUA have blatant 'similarities' to other brands, and putting a very low cost price tag on them. For example...

The bottom three are Essie, the original brand renowned for their polishes, and the top is MUA, a cheaper version of the product.

For me, i used to love MUA, i love what MUA stand for, bringing great make up to their customers without  the major price tag, i love that their products are forever changing, and i love that MUA always strive to be better, however with that said, they've simply gone too far, and i wouldn't be all too surprised if people were put off by the fact that MUA are - in my opinion - taking inspiration from other brands.

So here, as you see, are the clinique chubby sticks on the bottom, and on the top, the new MUA 'Power Pout'. Even the base colour ranges are very similar. 

I have about 5 or 6 clinique chubby sticks and i wont be buying the MUA ones out of principle. I love MUA but i wish they would bring our a more unique range.

I was also going to feature the eye trio's and the lip trio's which have very similar characteristics to the Bourjois palettes, but i think you all get what im saying. 

What do you think of the similarities?


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  1. Hi Laura!

    Thanks for commenting!

    I appreciate your thoughts on this, to be honest youre right about the revlon example, i was a huge MUA fan when they first released their products and although im not as keen on their newer products, i still appreciate how cost effective the are.

    Again thanks so much for stopping by!!



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