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SOS - Save Our Skin #2

Last year, I did a post on SOS Save our Skin (which is why this is called #2) and it was such a hit that I thought I would do the same this year!

Seeing as the winter weather pretty much ruins your skin, I figured that moisture and getting rid of dryness was essential along with protecting the skin from the imminent (fingers crossed) sunshine of Spring & Summer.

Here are a few products I have been using & loving lately to help look after my dry, dull skin.
First off is the Clinique Sonic system.  I have been using this for a few weeks now and despite my initial reservations on it, I actually really like it. When it originally arrived on my desk, I was majorly excited to try it out but when I realised the head didn't rotate and instead vibrates, I was a bit disappointed.  Low and behold after a bit of research, I discovered that a rotating head would be too rough for my skin and so the vibrating one was a better alternative. I use this three times a week with the foaming cleansing wash and it feels as though I am ready to face the world when I've used it. It definitely gets rid of deep routed dirt ( yuck!) and I've even noticed a difference in my oily patches too. Because the brush is quite exfoliating, I've noticed a lot less dry patches as well. All in all this wee gadget is my favourite of 2015 so far.

Next up is on to some Garnier products.  Winter has left my skin in need of a bit of TLC and so the Garnier Moisture Match 24 hour hydration is an excellent overnight treatment. Personally, I couldn't use this during the day because it does 'sit' on your skin and feels a bit oily while it sinks in, but as an overnight treatment, this works wonders.  In the morning there is not a trace of any oil or moisturizer but yet my skin feels really soft.

I also have bad dark under eye circles. My skin doesn't really have an awful lot going for it haha! - The Garnier Anti Ageing Miracle Eye Cream is a bit of an essential right now.  The product glides on the skin but it's real 'magic' is the fact that it is tinted. Yes, tinted! It's like a lightweight concealer and I really like it - as long as you remember not to wear it on it's own without makeup, otherwise you just look a bit odd.

Now onto something I have been desperate to try - the new Sarah Chapman Skinesis Rapid Radiance cleanser and the Skinesis Morning Facial. 

First off - the Skinesis Rapid Radiance Cleanser - The box says this is ideal for skin that is dull and in need of a radiance boost so this was right up my street.  The word 'radiance' screams 'Oil' at me which was a little bit concerning because I'm not a huge fan of oils due to the oily patches I get on my skin. However, upon using this, it's oily texture works wonders on my skin without leaving any oil behind once rinsed off.  I definitely saw a difference in my skin and how brightening the cleanser was.  I wouldn't want to use this everyday however, because it is pricey (around the £30 mark) and I'd worry about an oily build up. I always like to switch up my routine and so this is ideal for me when used 2/3 times per week.  It's packed full of skin goodness (Neroli & Geranium oil but to name a few) so this is a real 'spa day' for your skin.

To top it off, I have been using the Skinesis Morning Facial. This is an oil that is designed to be applied under your day cream.  Initially i thought this was going to be OTT in the moisture department but actually, using just a few drops of this in the morning and letting it settle on your skin for 10 minutes before applying your normal day cream is a winning combination.  I haven't noticed an awful lot of oily residue and this smells amazing! for some reason it smells like Eucalyptus despite not containing Eucalyptus. It actually contains Neroli and Jasmine oil and both of those are super hydrating for your skin.

All of these products are my favourites for right now but as always, I love switching up my routine so please do let me know of your skincare hero's and which ones you're not all that bothered about by commenting below!

Love always


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