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Cosmetic Magazine - What The Actual F?

I was in Tesco last week and saw "Cosmetic" magazine which (you guessed it) is all about cosmetics. It's rare you find these kind of magazines in Dumfries to be honest so I did a little squeal (and might even have peed a little bit from excitement) when I saw it.

I was expecting new beauty launch info, reviews, hints & tips and all of that yeehaw but actually the magazine is basically just a pro-surgery magazine in my opinion.  I don't want to throw shade at anyone, I don't run my blog that way, but this magazine literally makes you think about every flaw you may have and analyze it to the point of considering surgery.

There are 50 pages dedicated to nothing but cosmetic surgery and procedures (and that doesn't include all the adverts and individual articles in the rest of the magazine). I know it's a cosmetics magazine and while I wasn't expecting them to say "Beauty is from the inside", I didn't think they would point out my every flaw and make me feel incredibly self conscious.

It's like saying to a dog - "Hello puppy dog, you sound like a normal dog when you bark, but you could sound like SUPER DOG if you get some surgery!" That dog would NEVER BARK AGAIN!! (slight exaggeration).

They talk about procedures to fix "hooded eyes" - why 'fix' them? I have hooded eyes and now every time I look in the mirror all I can think of is how to change it which is ridiculous!

While I appreciate the magazine talks about what you can expect from surgery, I can't help but think the tone of the magazine is so pro-surgery that it makes you consider it when previously you were quite happy with the way you look. It highlights your every 'flaw' and imperfection. Seriously Cosmetic Magazine - What the actual F?

I'm so tired of the media's perception of beauty as the perfect photoshopped girl with no wrinkles or laugh lines and a thigh gap - I'm bigger and even I have a thigh gap (when I do a sumo style squat that is...).  I don't solely blame Cosmetic magazine for this but they aren't exactly doing anything to help it and just reading their magazine made me feel really self conscious and gave me low self esteem.

I obviously wont't be purchasing this again but moving forward I would suggest maybe incorporating some body confident things in their magazine and maybe inviting bloggers like myself or any of you reading this to contribute.

As always, this is just my personal opinion and am in no way telling you not to purchase it.

If Cosmetic magazine would like to contact me in regards to this - please do feel free!


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