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Beauty Hacks You Wish You Knew 10 Years Ago

Sometimes, just sometimes, the little things can get on our nerves. Little things like mascara goop and dark under arms so here I am, telling you about the things that get on my nerves and how to resolve them... without a bottle of wine.

1. Mascara Goop.
Yup, we all get it, in the corners of our eyes and sometimes its like a little goo-ey string that goes right across our eyes. It looks disgusting (but is weirdly satisfying to get rid of!)

Use eye drops to keep your eyes moist (eurgh! that word!) and sharpen your eyeliner to ensure it is a new, clean surface (ie - no bacteria is on it). Alternatively, don't put it on the water line and if all else fails, considering a feline flick with some liquid liner on your top lash line rather than bottom.

If you already have it  
Dampen a Q tip in water and roll it into the corner of the eye where the goop is to get rid of it without smudging your makeup.

2. Dark Under Arms
This is caused because of shaving and alcohol from the deodorant we use. It's annoying to see, but so easy to get rid of!

Simply rub a wedge of lemon into your under arms for a few minutes and then rinse off after ten minutes - do this 3 times per week until it gets lighter and then mantain once a week. Apparently you can do the same with a cucumber and a potato because of the fact they are acidic. It works, honest!

3. Sweat Patches
Right ladies, we all get this from time to time and I'm not gunna lie, this is a less than glamorous solution to the problem.  Picture the scene, you're wearing a grey chiffon top, it's hot and you can feel a sweat patch under your arms developing. Panic. Fear not... You have the solution.

Cut a panty liner into half moons and stick then under your arms - so for example, stick one to the underside of the arm (whichever is the non sweaty side) so the panty liner soaks up the moisture from the other side. It looks discreet under tops and dresses and no-one will ever know (apart from your friends obvs, share the knowledge!).

Unglamorous? yes, but for no more sweat patches? worth it!

4. Stop Your Powder from Giving you A Grey Hairline
I do this every time I do my makeup because I'm always in such a hurry with myself. I've looked for beauty hacks for this for so long, but I ended up finding the solution myself.
Press your powder, don't rub.
Instead of swishing your powder brush all over your face, you could press it into your skin which stops it from going into your hair and only takes a couple of extra seconds. Simple!

5. Stop Your Lipstick From Smudging
Defy the lipstick satan that sees your lipstick smudged all over a glass or worse, a strip of it on your chin by using this simple trick.

Simply apply your lippy and then put a dusting of translucent powder on top. Apply another layer of lipstick and you're good to go. 

Alternatively, use a lip liner instead of a lipstick. Don't ask me why it works, it just does!

So there you have the beauty hacks you wish you knew 10 years ago! I literally do wish I knew them 10 years ago, I also wish I knew how to wash out hair mascara, how to match my foundation and why I should NEVER use a powder puff to cake on my powder. Just saying/

Let me know if you have any beauty hacks that I should know!


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  1. Mascara goop is the bane of my life, whoever invented it needs a talking to!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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