Hi, I'm Holly.

A 35-year old Scottish Lass with a love for highlight, heels and homeware.


30 Facts About Me

Since it was my 30th birthday, I thought we should get to know each other a bit better. Here's 30 facts about me...

1 - I don't have a middle name
2 - I'm afraid of a lot of things - spiders, butterflies and clowns mainly.
3 - My Youtube channel initially started as a singing channel - fail!
4 - My favourite colour is white.
5 - My first crush was on Stephen Gateley from Boyzone.
6 - I went through a Goth phase
7 - I have two biological sisters and one that is like 'the adopted one'
8 - I have psoriasis
9 - I've never driven a car.
10 - I prefer savoury to sweet.
11 - I've never lived on my own
12 - I laugh at my own jokes
13 - I failed all of my final exams at school
14 - I am a polo pescetarian (I only eat chicken and fish)
15 - I once had blue hair
16 - I don't like Tomatoes
17 - My favourite song is Queen: These are the days of our lives
18 - My birthday is the day before my best friends.
19 - I hate surprises
20 - I'm a clean freak
21 - My Family are my idols
22 - I believe in Ghosts
23 - Christmas is my favourite time of year
24 - I say 'Shish Kebab' a LOT
25 - I prefer music to TV (Unless it's PLL or Reality TV - Obsessed)
26 - I'm a control freak.
27 - I wear glasses all day every day unless it's for video's and nights out.
28 - My favourite food is pizza
29 - I cry. A Lot.
30 - I only have one piercing (ears) and no tattoo's.

So now you know me a little bit better, I'd love to get to know you - leave me a comment telling me a fact about you!

H x


  1. Wow this is a great idea! 🙌 Xx

    1. Thank you lovely! make sure you send me your link once you've done yours :) xx

  2. I dont think I have ever 'met' anyone who has white as their favourite colour x

    1. Haha I am a rare breed. Which makes me sound like a dog. Ugh fail! What's your fave colour? xx

  3. Fun fact about me, I don't know what my favourite colour is? Ive never known how to answer that question! Weird hey,


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