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The Doonhamer Bistro Dumfries

I did a review of N'Dulge in Dumfries a few weeks back and mentioned I might continue reviewing food if people enjoyed it. You lot seemed to like it and seeing as I, I'm more than happy to do oblige, purely for business purposes of course.

So, The Doonhamer Bistro Dumfries is a little cafe that has everything from panini's to Mac & cheese and even freak shakes that look TDF. Myself and my sisters have been going to the Doonhamer for yeeeears - it's a bit of a local treasure in Dumfries, and whilst it's changed over the years, it's quality of food and service has remained the same.

Not gunna lie, the Doonhamer do the best hangover food in life. Whenever I'm feeling a bit 'tender', I stick to what I know and love. On Saturday when I visited I ordered a baguette with chicken, peppers and mozzarella which comes with the coleslaw (of gods!!), chips (in a separate bowl too - Thankfully!) and salad.

The baguettes in the Doonhamer are 'proper' baguettes. Soft in the middle, crunchy on the outside. One of my biggest pet peeves is when you order a baguette and a bridge roll arrives - not here! You always get a huge amount of filling which is well made and an abundance of salad and chips.

I had an Irn Bru, but my sister had a Strawberry Milkshake which looks INSANELY good. She gets a milkshake almost everytime we go there because as she says 'they're scrummy' -- yes, she is 29 years old and still says 'scrummy'.

My dinner always costs less than £7 which is an absolute bargain. The staff are always friendly (Hiya Stuart & family!!) and always have a smile (and some hangover banter) for you.

If you're visiting Dumfries, make sure you pop by the Doonhamer. You won't regret it!

H x


  1. The milkshake looks absolutely amazing and the food looks so good too! Thanks for sharing x

  2. As a fellow food lover... I totally want to do food reviews so I can eat for business haha. Those shakes look amazing!! I haven't felt hungover for a long time but my play safe is a greasy fry up and a bottle of coke lol xxxxxxx

  3. What's a bridge roll? I'm from Hull and we don't have those! This place looks scrummy! I eat in a lot of smaller cafes because I feel like they need my service more than Nando's or fast food places do! I always tend to go for a baguette or a panini! Great prices too there!

    Sian x


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