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31 Things From My 31st Year

It's my Birthday today and while it'd be easy to throw together a 'what I got for my birthday' haul kinda post, I thought I would talk about '31 things from my 31st year' instead.

1 - I went to FLORIDA and wore Minnie Mouse ears most days
2 - I saw the thanksgiving day parade in New York
3 - My sisters & I got hammered with my 83 year old Nana
4 - My two sisters turned 30!!
5 - I lost 2 and a half stones in weight
6 - I had my hair dyed for the first time in 3 years
7 - I wore underwear as outerwear WITH a fitted skirt for the first time EVER
8 - I WON AN AWARD as the 4th best blogger in Scotland!
9 - I got to meet some bloggers who I now class as friends - Jordanne, Katie, Jane & Pam! (all linked!)
10 - I realised that inspector gadget is in fact a cartoon. Mind blown.
11 - I grew closer to some amazing people and have the best friendship group ever!
12 - Went back to florida for the second time in one year. My liver is still recovering.
13 - I went to A&E for the first time ever after falling and tearing the ligaments & ripping the muscles in my foot.
14 - I was asked to speak at an event as an inspirational woman of the future.
15 - Had a hot tub night with the girls and wore a swimsuit for the first time in 2723792 years.
16 - I reached 4k on Instagram after a LOT of hard work.
17 - I filmed a video about Body Dysmorphia
18 - I rediscovered alcohol - bit of a weird one, but whereas some people drink to relax, I am the kind of person who would be too anxious to drink alcohol - I'm not drinking a lot, but I can now relax when I have a few!
19 - ... I also got drunk and kept doing 'Stars In Your Eyes' impressions to a guy called Matthew (like matthew kelly.. fail..)
20 - I let go of some people and situations that were toxic in my life
21 - I learned to stop looking so far into the future and living one day at a time.
22 - I worked with some incredible brands including L'oreal, Urban Decay, Lancome, Kiss, Simply Be, Boohoo, Real Techniques, Michael Kors and many many more
23 - Once every 6 weeks or so, myself & my sisters go for a boozy lunch - Best. Invention. EVER.
24 - I started singing again - yay for me, not so much for everyone else in the house
25 - I did my bedrooom up! think pink, grey, gold & navy aesthetics
26 - I stopped taking sugar in my coffee (it sucks but it helps keep the sugar cravings at bay - I'm a 'if I taste it once I want it ALL NOW' kinda lass...)
27 - My friend drew me!
28 - I went to the Edinburgh Christmas markets again (it's a yearly tradition now!)
29 - My Dad turned 60 and we spent the day at my aunts & uncles where my cousins, my sisters & I proved why we shouldn't drink together very often (#messy!!) haha!
30 - I met someone :)
31 - I laughed more than I have in a really long long time.

I wonder what my 32nd year will bring?

H x

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