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Wig Love!

Other than for fancy dress, I've never really had much reason to wear a wig but after seeing so many videos on Instagram of gorgeous women having their hair transformed without touching hairdye or scissors AND seeing as I was having a small Halloween soirée, I decided it was time to buy a wig.

Any wigs I've tried on before have always been for fancy dress and have always looked 'fake' (obvs, no one was born with natural long baby pink playboy bunny-esque hair) but I wanted to try something that was more realistic with an edgy twist.

I was on amazon and found one which had a bob style, middle parting, was green and had black roots. The wig claimed to have a natural feel to it, it came with a hair net and it I was able to apply heat to it which I wanted (I was hoping for Kim K vibes, not Dawn French in Vicar Of Dibley circa 1990 vibes. Anyone above the age of 25 knows the score..) so wanted to straighten the ends to make sure it didn't 'bob' too much.

The model in the picture looked all sorts of glamorous and I was hopeful it wouldn't unleash the inner potato in me (Mmm potatoes..) so when the wig arrived, I excitedly tried it on and the inner potato in me was baked, boiled and chipped. I literally looked ridiculous.

You know that state we get into when everything is a DISASTER when really you were actually sitting on the TV remote all along? Yeah, I was in THAT mood for a good three hours until I did my makeup, put my hair in the provided wig net and straightened the hair before putting it on.


My life could once again resume without listening to anymore depressing songs on Alexa (who by the way will NEVER understand a Scottish accent, more on that another time!) or downing anymore Pink gin.

I actually quite liked it! Someone on google said that if the wig looks shinier than my face after wrestling into a bra after a shower, then some dry shampoo would do the trick. I didn't need this in the end up but it's an option should you ever need it.

The soirée was a 10, my wig was a 10. My hangover the next day was an 11.

My friend was also wearing a wig and we've now decided we're buying a tonne of wigs and wig heads for a collection to wear them whenever we go out. I feel like I have a different personality when I wear it, so I'm Gretchen when I wear the green wig.

Aye, we're in our 30's but yanno, dirty thirties and all that.

Do you wear wigs? send me suggestions and wig tips! I'm obsessed!

H x


  1. I absolutely love this! If you hadn't of said it was a wig, I'd never have known either :-) It looks so natural on you! Can't wait to see what you buy next. Ha.


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