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Tips on mentally managing your monthlies

Let's face it ladies, no one looks forward to having our period. Aside from the physical pain and discomfort of mother nature, us women also endure varying levels of psychological turmoil at the same time which is why I wanted to put together some tips on mentally managing your monthlies. You can thank me with chocolate and pink gin...


Are you one of those people who listens to sad music when you're in a sad mood because you just want to be sad for a little while and wallow in the self pity of having the period from hell? (Me too!) Well avoiding those emotional triggers will help to keep your mood on a straight level without crying over an Ed Sheeran song for no reason. By all means let it out if you want to let it out but indulging in something you KNOW will make you emotional is a fast pass to ending the day clinging to a box of Kleenex. Avoid emotional triggers where you can and you'll feel much more emotionally stable.


When you have your period, your mood can quite often flip and make you forget to use rational thinking. I remember talking to my friend on Facebook one day and she said "you look great right now. You been dieting?". Instead of thanking her I instantly started to question our friendship. I spent the day convinced that she was being shady and that was her way of saying I look fat and need to lose weight. Obviously it was completely unjust and I was being unreasonable but my rational self was still there in the back of my head behind period brain and I've found that listening to my rational side has really helped me to deal with the mental side of having my period.


Obviously, this is something we all should be doing in our lives in general but especially at 'that' time of the month. whether you enjoy watching the birds outside, watching television or chugging a bottle of sambuca, then you should do more of what makes you happy during that time. It will make you relax for a while.


If you're anything like me, I spend a lot of time feeling tired during my period. I find it difficult to sleep at night but yet could easily nod off into my bowl of coco pops during the day which makes me grumpier than the day I have to take my Christmas tree down. I spoke to a doctor about why this was and he said it's usually because you're overly aware of leaking during the night. His advice was to make sure you go to the bathroom right before bed and turn off social media to allow yourself to sleep quickly. No caffeine before bed either (and aye, there is caffeine in chocolate apparently!) and ensure your room is at a nice temperature. It all helps!

  • Making big decisions
  • Confrontation
  • Having controversial opinions
  • Salad... (Jokes!).


Nutella. That is all.

H x

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