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Get Rid of Sagging Jowls and Improve Your Look*

Smoothing your jowls through a lower facelift is something that you can do when you have sagging skin, you are getting older, and this is the one thing that you have problems with. Many people age well until they start to take a look at the jowls under their chin. They start to notice the skin that is hanging down, and they do not like that it makes them look so much older. They need to do something that will help them remove this one problem, and a lower facelift is the answer.

The Procedure

The procedure is a lifting of the skin around the chin and down. The jowls that are down there can be removed, and the tissue is used to create taut skin that will look smoother, look younger, and make up for any weight loss or sagging that has happened over time. This is often part of a larger procedure, but you might need to rest of the surgery. You can have the lower part of your face done, and it will address the problems that you feel are most pressing. People will not be looking at your chin all that closely, and all they will see is taut skin that has not stretched or been drug down by gravity.

Your cosmetic surgeon will remove all the excess skin from under your skin, and he will reshape the area using the tissue that is left. He will make certain to smooth over the region, and he will give you room to recover. Your skin needs to be taut enough to appear youthful without being too tight. There are a number of people who might get their skin done too tightly by another surgeon, and they need an experienced, caring hand in the operating room.

Ideal Candidates

Anyone can have this surgery done, but they need to get clearance from an experienced surgeon first. Your doctor needs to assess every patient for their fitness, and he needs to see how much tissue there is to work with. You are checked for your overall health, and you are cleared for the surgery only when Dr. Frankel knows it can be done properly. He is an expert in the field, and he will not do any work unless he knows that he can help you. He will give you the best look, and he will show you a computer model of what could be done for you.

This procedure can be done on anyone who is getting a little older or who has lost a lot of weight. A dramatic weight loss could cause the skin to sag as it is left without any fat to fill it out, and the skin needs to be repaired and tightened using this simple procedure. Younger people can have this procedure done when they have trouble with their skin, and older people can combat the effects of time.

What Happens During Surgery

The surgery day starts early because patients need time to recover from the surgery in the office. They can go home with a friend or their spouse only after the staff has made sure they are safe. The surgery day should be a day of rest, and it would be best if the patient took a couple days off of work. The patient is given a chance to recover faster when they are at home resting, and they will find that they need a couple days to get used to having a few stitches under their chin. The patient is given a follow-up date, and they will meet Dr. Frankel at that time. Surgery day is the longest day of the process, but it is not the most important day. You must commit to the full process and all follow-ups before you are healed.


Patients are given a recovery care package that explains how to handle their dressings, what activities they cannot do, and how much pain medication they are allowed to take. Patients might be sent home with a prescription for pain medication, or they might want to use PTC drugs to help them with any discomfort they feel. The best part of this package is that the patient does not do it all alone. They can call the office at any time for more information, and they can talk to the doctor in their follow-up about any pain they might feel.

Full recovery does not happen until people have had all their bruising die down. These people need to come back to Dr. Frankel on more than one occasion so that they can be checked, and they will be given a clean bill of health once he has removed the dressings, and check the surgical wounds. He wants people to heal completely before he can approve them for full activity, and he wants them to come back any time they feel as though something is not right.


Come see Andrew Frankel when you are ready to schedule an appointment for your facelift consultation. There are a number of things that you can do when you get into the office to talk over your plastic surgery options, and you can improve your jowls such that you do not have all that hanging skin under your neck. Dr. Frankel has helped many people with this process, and you can reach out to him today.

You have every right to change your body and your life with a simple surgery. This is one of the more basic lifts that you can do, but you need to be cleared for the surgery, see if there are any other procedures you would like to do, and get a new look that you know you deserve.

If you are in need of a facelift specialist in Beverly Hills, see Dr. Frankel.

**This is a collaborative post.

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