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How to Rock Neon Highlights

(image: Dezzy Lopez Instagram)
Neon makeup is one of the hardest looks to pull off. But with a little finesse and good blending skills, it’s a really fun makeup trend to try out.

The trend was started on Instagram by Dezzy Lopez, a young makeup artist from the US. It’s been dubbed the neon strobing trend and Lopez’s neon pink, purple, and gold highlights look luscious. What you need are fluorescent highlighters to replicate the look and give off a similar iridescent glow.

Neon strobing is similar to the way you would normally apply your highlights. Highlights are about enhancing your facial features in a natural way, not about extreme contouring. You want to make sure that you’re hitting all the right places with your highlighter. After applying a shading cream or powder, Style Caster suggests starting with under the brow bone to enlarge your eyes as well as the inner corner of the eyes. This will immediately liven up your face and make you look more awake, a useful trick for those days when you’re too tired and sleepy.

(image: Dezzy Lopez Instagram)
Neon strobing is about exaggerating highlights but you can also opt for a more toned down glow by softening the highlights on the cheeks and the nose bridge. Applying it diagonally contours the cheeks a bit more if you need definition. If you want to copy the original trend, you can also put neon highlights on your chin and cupid’s bow.

(image: Mary Phillips Instagram)

Aside from cheek, lip and chin highlights, neon eyeshadow is also blowing up lately. Kendall Jenner’s neon green makeup paired with a neon green top and oversized emerald earrings were on fleek. The key to wearing neon eyeshadow is to start with a good primer and blend your chosen colour from there. Don’t forget to fill in your brows so they don’t get lost in the splash of colour. Finish your look with some mascara to add volume to those lashes!

With that said, look for products that fit your skin type. Adding highlights are not just about holding back so that might be too much product oily and acne-prone skin. Give your face some time to breathe every once in a while. If you need to, apply organic products that don’t contain harsh chemicals and are gentler on the skin. With that in mind, Pretty Me lists an array of facial care and beauty items, including organic cheek and lip tints that add a pop of colour to your face without being too excessive. With makeup, sometimes less is more, and striking looks like neon highlights are mostly for special occasions. The secret is to not go over-the-top with the rest of your makeup, so it’s best paired with a simple lipstick and shadow. If you want to make your eyes pop with vivid colours on the other hand, add a touch of shimmer on your face.

If you’re not ready to go electric all the way, try the Sleek Makeup Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette that was reviewed here on Holly’s Beauty Box. It’s a toned down version of neon highlights, but definitely more exciting than regular shades.

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