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What a Month March has been!

Ever since the year of January ended (why does it always last so long?), time seems to have flown by (God, I sound like my Mum...).

March was a pretty good month for me and I've literally never stopped between one thing or another which is why I thought I'd tell you all about my Month.


One of Chris' closest friends is in a band called Tiderays (click here to have a listen to their music, they're awesome!) and they were performing a local gig at 'The Venue' in Dumfries, so myself, Chris and a few of his friends went to see the gig. The band had everything from a poetic reading, to a girl playing the violin. The band themselves create their own music and even have professional music videos. I know it might seem like I'm biased but the gig was amazing! The band were interactive with the crowd, signed merch and met everyone afterwards. Most importantly, they had a way of making us feel everything they were performing - we danced when they danced, we sang when they sang and even cried when they cried. For me, those are the best bands and gigs!

After the gig, we all went out for a few drinks and celebrated. I drank Ninja juice (smirnoff ice, 2 shots of cola cube & vodka) which was lethal but I got to know a few of Chris' friends which was awesome.


Every Friday night, I get together with my friends and we all go for a few drinks. We went to the Granary for dinner one night which was absolutely lush. After that, I drank a feeeew pink gins with lemonade and was doing David Attenborough impressions again. Standard Friday!


Leah (one of my closest friends!) is 7 months pregnant and throughout March we've been planning a wee baby shower for her (she knows about it!) but the shower itself isn't until April 14th. I love baby shopping so I'm loving every minute of being an auntie for the first time, even though baby boy henderson is not here yet.


Myself, Chris and his friends all hired a minibus and headed off to Edinburgh to a place called the 3 sisters to see the Scotland v England Rugby game. We were lucky enough to have a booth (thanks Stevie!) and the game was amazing!!. Beside us were some lovely Welsh rugby fans who were brilliant and we all had a great day. I made vodka jelly shots for the trip up to Edinburgh which didn't set and were more like jelly slush, but they all went down the same way! The whole weekend was brilliant and I can honestly say that Chris' friends were genuinely the most welcoming bunch ever! I always get really nervous when I'm meeting people and go quiet for some reason, but everyone was SO nice and I know that I won't be as nervous next time.


I'm still LOVING my job as an influencer (gaaahhh that word!) and throughout March, I've been LEARNING. Yes, actually reading, learning and implementing new things. I've been redesigning the blog, I've started doing more Insta stories and less blogs, I've even started a new Twitter chat called @influenstarz, so if you're a blogger/influencer, then head on over to Twitter to learn all about it.
It has been quite a month eh!? I hope you've liked this wee update and I can't wait to share more lifestyle related posts on my blog soon :)

H x

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