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The Perfect Beach Bag?

I'm an overpacker. If I've got room in my bag, I will fill it with things I invariably don't need which is why a smaller bag that will still fit everything I need but doesn't allow me to pack everything but the kitchen sink for a trip to Tesco is ideal.

This bucket bag is from Asos and I couldn't be happier with it. I've been using it loads recently. It's ideal for summery beachy days! The front pouch is ideal size for powder and lipstick (even a powder brush would fit!). The main area is fits a large purse, phone, sunglasses, SPF and even my boyfriend's wallet was in there at one point. It's ideal for people who (like me) tend to put too much in their handbags, because it just doesn't have room for clutter!
I love that this has gold hardware, an adjustable long strap AND a shorter strap that can be carried around if you're the type of person that hates hanging things on your shoulder.

So far, I've teamed this with jeans, a maxi dress, a skirt, shorts and even a swimsuit. It goes perfectly and is adaptable for any outfit.

For more info and to buy the Asos mini Croc bag (£18), click here.

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