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How Can You Look Your Best For a Special Occasion?*

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Maybe you’re getting married or perhaps your family have a big party planned. You might be going on the holiday of a lifetime, or maybe your school reunion is around the corner. Whatever the situation, when these big events come up in life it makes sense that we want to feel our best and go into things with as much self confidence as possible. Thankfully, there are a few things we can do to make ourselves look our very best- here are some ideas.

Put together a new skincare regime
The way your skin looks can play a huge role in the way you feel about yourself. We all know how rubbish we feel when we’re having a bad skin day, and whether yours is due to dryness, blackheads or a condition like acne or rosacea, getting this under control is a good idea. First things first, consider if you’ll need to visit a doctor, some skin issues can be treated with medication or signify underlying issues that a doctor can diagnose. If not, invest in some good products and get into the habit of going through your skincare regime morning and evening.

Care for your hair
As with your skin, bad hair days can really ruin your self esteem. Maybe your hair is frizzy and wild, or flat and lifeless. Perhaps it’s dry and unmanageable. Do some research into your specific hair conditions and find products that are likely to work well for you. Something as simple as applying coconut oil to your hair overnight once a week can bring back vibrance and add moisture back.

Consider a beauty procedure
If you want to really treat yourself and make a genuine difference to your appearance then why not have a beauty procedure done? It could be anything from teeth whitening to lip fillers to Botox. Do your research, there are lots of procedures that can be done with very little recovery time and can be highly effective. You’ll of course want to consider the pros and cons and think carefully, but many are non surgical and very safe so see what sorts of treatments would best suit you.

Visit the salon
Finally, before attending your event- consider booking in at the salon. A new hair cut and colour, a fresh set of nails, a lash treatment or a spray tan are all options and can give you the boost you need. A new dress for example can be taken from good to great with a bit of a tan. A makeup look you’ve perfected on Youtube could look even more stunning with some professional lashes. Even if you don’t normally treat yourself to these kinds of things, it’s worth it for a special occasion.

*This is a collaborative piece

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