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Finding Out We're Pregnant

Chris and I have been together a little over a year & a half. From the beginning of our relationship, we've both been totally open and transparent about what we hope our future would look like. Part of that is marriage and children.

I've always said that I would - in an ideal world - like to be married before we have Children, but always agreed that if we fell pregnant then it would be a blessing and I would be over the moon. I've wanted to have the same surname as my child which is why I wanted to be married first and as an extra layer of security (probably sounds crazy!).

Chris on the other hand has always wanted children straight away. This pregnancy was not planned - as you might not be surprised to hear haha - but I just wanted to let you know about how we found out we we are having a baby!

I had missed a period but I was still getting a lot of the same symptoms of one. Cramping, nausea, emotional, yanno',  the usual joys of being a Woman. My periods are usually like clockwork, so for me this was pretty unheard of.

At the time, I was taking Noriday (The mini pill) and was always really careful taking it.  It might also be worth mentioning that I had a really bad tooth abscess at the time so I was taking a high dosage of Antibiotics.  Anyone starting to figure it out yet? Oh good, you're a step ahead of what I was!

On March 11th, (I always remember this date because it was the day before my Dads Birthday!) I went to Chris's house for the day as we had both taken a rare day off. I decided to nip to Superdrug and pick up a pregnancy test 'just incase'.

I got to Chris's house and couldn't take the test - I had stage fright haha peeing on demand is HARD! (I mean not anymore... thanks baby!) so Chris made me drink a bottle of water then I went and tried again.

After a minute or two I checked the test and it clearly had two lines which indicated I was pregnant.  I just stared at the test, had a mini panic attack and cried whilst Chris patiently just sat staring at me waiting for me to say something.

I said "Chris.. Oh my God. NO? OMG!"
he said: "Holly.. WHAT DOES IT SAY??"

I just wept and said "I'm pregnant".

Chris instantly hugged me. We both stared at each other for a while. Read, re-read and read again the pregnancy test instructions and gave each other another huge cuddle as we both became less shocked and more happy with the news.

Chris instantly reassured me, as I panicked and had ZERO cool about it, telling me he was thrilled and he loved me.  After that, I called my doctor and was told about the next steps (My doctor said the pregnancy test is as accurate as the one they give to test) so they instantly referred me to a midwife who asked me a few questions and informed me of an app to download with all of the info we would need, like guides, notes, my medical records etc.

After the calls and the initial shock, Chris just turned to me and said:

"Ohhh the pill doesn't work when you take antibiotics"

Chris had known this ALL ALONG and forgot to tell me! WEE BIT TOO LATE NOW SON!

This is the greatest blessing of our lives and I am beyond grateful to be pregnant.

So there's how we found out! I've got tonnes more to tell you such as how our loved ones reacted, how I'm feeling and a huge chat about the first trimester.

I'm going to try and make Wednesday "Baby Chat Day". If baby chat is a trigger for you or if it's just not your thing then you know you can avoid a Wednesday on my blog.

Pleeeeease share your experiences or questions below or on social media (@hollysturgeon on Twitter & @hollysturgeonofficial on Instagram)

Lots of love,

H x

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