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Do you need a lockdown reward?*

Life under lockdown is not without challenges. The health advice from WHO and the government agree that the period of self-isolation is not over yet. As such, you need to find something to brighten up the mood. When every day turns into the same indoors experience, a lockdown reward can become a necessary coping strategy.

What are lockdown rewards? It’s a little thing that puts a smile on your face. If you’ve been following your friends on social media, you’ve probably spotted a few new pictures of cakes. Food is the most obvious reward during self-isolation. And, it’s also the one indulgence you should avoid at all costs. Overeating and piling too much sugar-loaded food can affect your mood for the worst – without mentioning that it doesn’t do your health any good. So how can you reward yourself safely under lockdown?

Avoid skin and hair damage

Self-care is the best thing you can do to lift your mood and help yourself stay motivated day after day. Indoors air and stress can put your hair and skin through a lot. From split ends to dry skin, you’re going to tackle those unpleasant issues quickly to feel good and beautiful. When going to the hairdressers isn’t an option anymore, you can focus on conditioning and nourishing your hair. Give your scalp a break from over-shampooing that can dry the hair follicles and cause itchiness. As for your skin, you may be experiencing more breakouts or oiliness than usual. The best approach to fight off lockdown skin is to look for quality skincare products. Products that protect your skin from damage, such as the Colorescience range, can help tackle dull complexion and other lockdown complaints. Feeling confident about your appearance can transform your perception on the lockdown.

Why takeaway isn’t a reward

We’ve mentioned it earlier. Food is no indulgence. As such, while it’s tempting to fall into a lazy routine and order another takeaway meal, you need to be careful over your diet. Under lockdown, your body needs the right nutrients to fight off stress and protect your immune defenses. Cooking from scratch is always a good idea to avoid processed ingredients. More and more households are embracing the joys of cooking from scratch. Unlike baking, which is going to lead to sugar rushes, learning how to cook your essentials can change your relationship to food. For a start, there’s nothing more satisfying than making your own pasta—secondly, the act of cooking taps into a self-care routine too.

The DIY hobbies are your salvation
Creative hobbies can relieve stress. But they do more than that. They let you express your imaginative side and make new things. Becoming a maker rather than a buyer is an instant mood lift. Bored with your wardrobe? You can make a new dress in an afternoon – yes, you can! The lounge is looking dull? How about giving it a fresh coat of paint? Your reward lies in the pride you take each time you look at your creations. ‘I made this, and it’s beautiful.’

As self-isolation shows no sign of ending soon, it’s time to consider the best lockdown rewards for your mood. While staying at home can save lives, it also creates new mental health challenges. Rewarding and motivating yourself need to be part of your self-care routine.
*This is a collaborative article

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