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40 Weeks Pregnant Update

 Hey everyone!

It's been a minute or two since I last updated you all on here about how my pregnancy is going and what's been happening.  I've received SO many lovely messages across social media (which is where I am most active right now as I'm on Maternity Leave) and I've also received dozens upon dozens of questions, which is why I thought I would update you all in a Q&A formatted type of Blog Post!

How Am I Feeling?

Everyone says the first and third trimesters are the worst but actually, for me, I found the second trimester difficult as I've mentioned previously. The last few weeks especially, although uncomfortable, has been pretty good! Chris has been a huge support to me and the fact he has been able to attend all of my medical appointments with me has made me feel much more supported during this last stage of pregnancy. Every pregnant woman is different but for me, feeling well supported is key to my overall wellbeing.

Physically, I'm uncomfortable (I'm currently 40+3). Lightening crotch, heartburn, bursts of energy followed by a 3 hour nap and mood swings that would put even Charlotte Wells to shame (fans of the TV show 'Ratched' will get this reference!). The more exercise I do, the more 'discomfort' I feel but it'll all be worth it, right? RIGHT?

Have you had a stretch and sweep? How was it?

I had a stretch and sweep at the hospital last Thursday. My cervix was still <1cm dilated and was still 3cm long (which is too long for a 'successful' sweep) but the midwife still managed to sweep what was there at the time and the next day I lost the remainder of my mucus plug (I had already passed part of it a few days prior - Google 'mucus plug' if you want to ruin your next meal...)

In terms of how the sweep was, it was uncomfortable. My midwife had 'small hands and fingers' so 'reaching' my cervix was a struggle (it was still quite far back and the lovely midwife was trying her best). It started out much like a smear test but ended up a bit like when you're rummaging through the kitchen drawers looking for that Kinder Bueno you swear you haven't already eaten. It was bearable and whilst it wasn't the highlight of my day, it's definitely something you can easily get through for the short time it's happening.

Do You Have An Induction Booked?

Yes! I have an induction booked in a week or so which I'm hoping not to need. I was quite overwhelmed by the explanation of what happens throughout the induction so when I came home from our appointment, I researched the process properly and whilst it's less than ideal and I would love to labour naturally, if it's required then I need to remember that it's for the best and I can do it.

It's worth mentioning that it's not the midwife's fault that I was overwhelmed by her explanation. I have a bad habit of only hearing the bad things and overwhelming myself at the same time.

How Is Baby Doing?

We've been so fortunate throughout this pregnancy that our baby boy is (touch wood) doing perfectly. Growing well, no known issues and kicking his mummy day in and out (much to the amusement of Daddy). 

Any Product Recommendations?

I've been using some bed pads for night time just in case my waters break through the night because I figure the last thing we need to return home to is a wet bed. I've also packed some for the car ride to and from hospital just in case which has really put my mind at ease. I got these at Boots for less than a fiver.

I also bought a birthing ball a couple of months ago which has been great (well worth the £20!) for taking the pressure off of my pelvis.

Packing cubes for your hospital bags are a god send! You can get a set on Amazon or Ebay for about a fiver but they've really helped me for packing things for the hospital bag. 

I'll be doing a full 'what I packed in my hospital bag' blog post soon by the way!

As a side note, try finding maternity pads with wings. You'll thank me later.


There were a few more questions which I think I'll answer more once the baby has arrived but until then, this will be my last pregnancy update until after he arrives where I'll be talking about delivery, products, Christmas and of course, will introduce you to our beautiful baby boy!

Until then, wish me luck! 

H x

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