Hi, I'm Holly.

A 35-year old Scottish Lass with a love for highlight, heels and homeware.



How did you get started blogging?

I started blogging in 2012, and i've never looked back! I used to spend my time trolling through loads of other people's blogs to get some tips and tricks and i noticed that my friends and family would ask me for my advice on products and on beauty in general, so i figured 'why not start a blog?' and im so so glad i did.

Why did you decide to start a youtube channel?

Sometimes, its hard to get your personality across on blogs, so i thought i would share a little bit more of myself by recording videos on youtube for you all, which is a bit surreal for me, considering im really self conscious and normally the idea of doing something for the entire world to see would really make me ill with worry.

Haven't i seen you before somewhere?

Maybe! I do video demonstrations for another website, where i demo kids toys - its called Its a family run business, and the idea came about after i started vlogging for all of you guys :)

How to you get blog traffic?

Well, my blog isn't hugely popular like some others yet, but it is growing at a fantastic rate. In all honesty, the best thing i can suggest, is writing good quality posts, taking nice pictures and really showcasing your personality to give your readers something to come back to. I also interact with other bloggers (i leave a genuine reply to something and my link is in my name) the important thing is not to comment 'hey nice blog, check mine out' its quite annoying, and no-one will come and check your blog out, your best bet is to be sincere and let the traffic flow naturally.

Don't you feel nervous that everyone in the world can see you?

Well, at first i really did, it was a big step for me to do this and to do youtube, but now it really isnt a big deal to me. I figure that when you walk through the street at least a hundred people see your face, doing this is just like walking down a lot of streets. Think of it that way and it might help a bit.

How do you think of blogs to write?

I dont! i dont sit down and think 'hmmm.. what can i write about today?' basically, if i see a nice dress, i'll go and put an outfit together, write up a post and let you all see it, maybe i'll try a nice product and want you all to know how good it is or maybe i just want to tell you how my day was, but i never intentionally sit down and think of something to say. Occasionally, i write down 'ideas' for the blog, which include products i want to try, shops i want to visit, drinks i want to drink and films i want to watch, but i dont do it just so i have some new blog content. If you go in with the right attitude, your visitors will tell :)


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  1. Even though they may not have the best opinions, your friends & family are always a good bet for information on movies to check out, especially if you know that one person who is on top of releases.


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