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Hideho bloggybuddys,

Sometimes shiz gets a lil' cray-zay in the bloggosphere and like all bloggers, i wanted to make a disclaimer - warning - this is really boring.


Competition prizes are usually sent to me via PR agencies, and each competition's rules and entry is different. I always try to cater to both the PR agency and my followers needs equally. Winner's are chosen at random, and none of my family or friends are allowed to enter these to make it fair.  If a competition winner's name has not been announced, this is because he/she has requested that i don't.

PR Samples

Some people think bloggers just blog because they get free stuff to write about. This is so not true!! blogging takes a lot of time and effort, and anyone who just wants 'free stuff' isnt going to keep up the work to maintain a blog - for every blogpost you see, time has been taken to take pictures, edit them, write up an appropriate and genuine review (or other content), publishing, boring old SEO & OPSEO stuff, promoting on twitter, facebook and other social media and then replying to hundreds of emails and requests every single day. Ontop of that, oppurtunities don't come round themselves, bloggers actively seek out PR agencies and content to ensure our readers are happy. One of the perks of the job is receiving pr samples, but each one is earned. Trust moi.


Occasionally, bloggers receive requests to feature a sponsored blog entry where we are paid to write up and link to a certain website. Some bloggers are criticised for this - but please remember, it is these sponsorships that makes bloggers able to take the time to blog and pays for maintenance fee's. Starting a blog is not free - you have web design fees, promotions, domains, hosting and our time to be paid for. Blogging is a full time job for so many! If i am sponsored to write a post, these will be no-follow in accordance to regulations.

Please also note, that while i give my 100% honest opinion on products, i am in no way advising you to buy that product, and so cannot be held responsible for disappointment, allergic reactions or otherwise.

I love you all!


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