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Palmers cocoa butter gradual tan


First and foremost, I tonight perfected an angelina jolie look then realised my camera took 1000 odd images instead of recording a video arrggghhh! So tomorrow, I will remake it :)

Now onto the reason I'm blogging!

A year or so ago I bought palmers cocoa butter gradual tan and tried it but cannot remember what it was like so I'm trying it again tonight! I exfoliated etc and applied it just now and if I could I would send you all the smell of it over the internet (not possible......yet ha!) It smells amazing!! Its coconutty vanilla-y goodness. It glides on just like a moisturiser which is great. Only downside is that I applied it 30 mins ago and its still not completely dry I still feel tacky.

Anyways, obviously it hasn't developed yet so I'm going to bed soon and will blog (and vlog! Check my youtube in the right column!) Tomorrow morning with the results!

What's your fake tan experience?


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