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10 Things You Don't Know About Me

Hey y'aaaaall

You will have noticed a lot of blog posts and youtube videos on the net right now like this post. 

As bloggers and youtubers, we're asked everyday to give out a lot of information about ourselves and while I don't really like giving out too many deets - ie I dont think you really want to know about the last time I shaved my legs. - I do like to give out little snippets now and again so I have compiled a list of 10 very interesting things youu don't know about me.

I also made a youtube video about this so if you can't be bothered reading, go and watch me ramble!
For those of you who do want to read, carry on. Jolly days.

1 - I once dreamt I was the creator of pot noodles. It was the best dream ever. Pot noodles were in my life and my diet... Everyday.

2 - I wanted to be a historian. You know back when you were 18 and you were forced to make all these life choices, I made the decision to be a historian and applied to university to study history. I failed the exams I needed to go to uni, so repeated my final year of school to get said grades, I got the grades and was accepted... Aaaand then decided I no longer wanted to be a historian.

3 - I was once in a movie. This is 100% true, I was in a movie called 'native son' starring Sean Harris and Leo Horsfield (who i'm still friends with! Hi Leo!) the film won awards at cannes and I was an extra.

4 - I'm a country kid. Yes that's right, I live in the scottish countryside and have never lived in a town. That does not make me a farmer or talented at yodelling. Just saying.

5 - I am a polo pescetarian. No this is not a disease haha it means I only eat fish and chicken - no other meats. Although I do miss a good old battered sausage. Mmm sausage.

6 - My favourite colour is tangerine. I love it so much I have at leats 10 tangerine nail polishes, 'coral' lipsticks, blushers and even dresses. Ohhh yeah

7 - I have never broken a bone. Fingers crossed I never do.

8 - I am terrified of jezzabells. To normal people, these are daddy longlegs, I call them jezzabells and I despise them. Anything that flies with no wings is enough to terrify me.

9 - I am a terrible cook. I once boiled eggs to put in a cake mix... And mashed them into it. How else were the eggs supposed to cook?

10 - When I was 21, I cut my hair into a 'bob'... By myself. It was a complete disaster and to this day I regret it. Nicky clark I am not.

Those are my 10 amazing facts about me!

What don't I know about you?


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