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My Everyday Makeup Routine!

Hey everyone!

A lot of you wanted to know all about my everyday makeup routine.

I have to be 100% honest, on a day to day basis i wear very little makeup, but on days when i can be bothered or i'm going to the shops or whatever, i do a minimal makeup look. At weekends and nights out etc i definitely go for a more heavy look but this is everyday makeup so it's very simple!

Okay so here is my everyday look!

I always wear my hair in a top knot because it looks tidy and keeps my hair out of my face which is important for me, i cant stand it when my hair is all over the place!

So to get a top knot, all you need to do is brush your hair to the top of your head, twist the hair downwards to the head, and secure with a hair elastic/bobble. i use kirby grips.bobby pins aswell because i have a lot of little whispy bits that are rogue.

A note aswell - i may look like my hair is receeding here, but it isnt, i've always had a strange hair parting!

Onto skin!

Every morning i wash my face with Elemis fresh skin peachy face wash which is a really gentle cleanser. I then use some moisturiser (liz earle daily moisturiser) and put some Elemis soothing eye rescue on around my eyes to de-puff them.

As for makeup...

I use a little bit of collection 'Lasting Perfection' concealer around my nose, around the eyes, on blemishes and also a strip down the nose to brighten slightly. I then set the concealer with a translucent powder (I use either Rimmel stay Matte or NARS translucent powder)

I then use some Avon supershock eyeliner in 'blackberry' which is a purpley black, on the outer corners of my eyes just to add some definition.

Top that with two coats of Maxfactor Clump Defy mascara and the eyes are good to go.

I finish the skin with a little bit of blush on the apple of my cheeks, my favourite one right now is actually by accessorize and its a rose gold colour.

Finally, i like to add a little bit of glam without being over the top, so i use a NARS red velvet lip pencil. I love this lip pencil because it stays put alllllll day and is completely matte.

That's literally it. I don't use foudnation, highlighter, eyeshadows, eyebrow pencils or anything like that on a day to day basis, i try to leave that for events and weekend wear :)

What's your everday makeup routine?


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