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Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour Review

Hey Everyone!

I'm on a bit of a beauty bonanza right now and i've been trying out a lot of new products!

One of the products I've been trying out is the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour.

To look at this, it looks a little bit like a fine felt tip pen, i felt like i was colouring in when i was using this, but actually, you'd be surprised at just how good the felt tip style of the eyebrow pen actually is.

There are three shades available - Light, Medium and Dark.

I have dark brown hair, but was sent the lightest shade to try which i was a bit pessimistic to try, but i was gladly proven wrong!

The shade, although light, blends in with darker hairs and lightens your eyebrows ever so slightly, making your eyebrows a little more natural looking.

The fine felt tip of this also means you can put in the finest of strokes and make it look natural like the rest of your brow hairs.

Did this last all day? It started to look a little bit 'tired' after a few hours, and i found the colour had changed ever so slightly, i felt it had a 'greeny brown' look to it.

Would i repurchase? No, but i do like the style of the pen and I do like the fact there are three shades available.  If i was to give this a rating, it would be 3/5.

To view this or any other Stila products, click here.

Which brow products are your favourites?

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