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Top 5 Ebay Finds Under £5!

One of my favourite past times is shopping - OBVIOUSLY! but shopping when things are cheap makes Holly happy. I spend hours trolling through Ebay trying to find cheap but chic things that I can afford to 'splurge' on!

SO! with that said, I thought I would bring you all my 'Top 5 Ebay Finds Under £5'!

(Queue Top of the Pops countdown music)


These leggings are £3.99 - WOAH! I go through leggings like nothing on earth and I can't afford to spend a lot of money on them at the rate I use them! I found these on Ebay and they have free delivery and are sold by a UK based seller.  Absolute bargain!

In at number four is this inspirational quote sign. It's quite shabby chic and I LOVE it! This costs a whopping £4.99 with free postage and again is sold by a UK seller (meaning you will receive it quickly!) - literally such a bargain.

Number 3 on the countdown is this bracelet! this costs £4.98 all together and is from a Hong Kong based seller which means it might take a while to arrive but I loveeee this bracelet! it's also available with a blue, white, yellow or tan coloured bow.

In at number 2 is this gorgeous clutch!! it comes in 12 different colours and at £3.99 with free delivery, this is literally SO affordable and you could probably buy a few different colours to suit different outfits. Love love love!

In at number 1 is this watch! I love the face on this, it looks classy and yet comes in at the ripe old price of £3.74 with free delivery - can you believe that you can buy a watch like this for £3.74? literally such a bargainous price!

Would love it if you would leave me links to any other ebay bargains you've found on your travels! do you like these items?



  1. Wow! Will deffinitely be looking on Ebay later! You've got some awesome bargains. Love that watch!!

    1. They're total bargains! I was majorly impressed with what I found! Let me know if you find anything nice... and cheap haha xx


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