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A 35-year old Scottish Lass with a love for highlight, heels and homeware.


27 Years Of Holly...

Hi lovelies!

It's my birthday on Friday 19th September and I will be 28 years old. A lot can happen in twenty eight years so I thought I would summarise 28 years of Holly...

So as a young 'un, I didn't go to dance classes or anything. I grew up in a wee village in the south of Scotland and like many other families, we were skint! (That means 'broke') we couldn't afford dance classes or anything like that so my entertainment was made by myself. I used to listen to music and I would sing a lot so myself and a few girls set up a band and used to put on performances for our school and families.

One thing that has always remained throughout my life is my closeness with my family. My sisters are literally my best friends and over the years we've been through everything together, from the time that my sister decided to climb a wall and chop off part of her pinky to loosing close ones and even making tents out of sheets and washing pegs. We are all super close, I would happily socialise with my parents or my nana (my Nana is awesome!) And actually I've never really had many 'friends' because I love socialising with my family so much.

In terms of travelling,  I wasn't able to travel abroad for 2 reason. One was that we were skint and couldn't afford it and two was because my Dad had really bad lungs and was unable to fly or get insurance.  I won't fo into all of that but nowadays he is much healthier and able to travel.  We have been to Spain (via bus. Total nightmare!) Bulgaria, Toronto three times, niagara falls twice, Prague, Nice and New York. Travelling is probably my favourite thing to do but it costs sooo much.

I'm not married and I don't have children yet but hope one day I will.

In terms of achievements, I have won 4 singing competitions, was part of a discussion in the Scottish parliament,  was chosen to mentor young children, decided against uni and instead I learned 4 years worth of tech courses in 6 months, I taught myself how to design a website and helped contribute to my families business. I started a blog which in over two years has grown so much. I started my own business and work on this blog full time. I've been nominated for a company award & cosmo award. I've interviewed Leighton Denny,  been featured in the press, launched my own youtube channel and have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.

I may not be a wife or a mummy, but I think in 27 years of Holly I've done alright.  Here's hoping the next 27 years will bring even more!

All my love


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