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I know that about 80% of people reading this will remember having at least one dream that made absolutely no sense what so ever. I have dreams like that ALL the time. I'm not here to find out what those dreams mean on a subconscious level but I am going to share with you some of my dreams that made absolutely no sense... just for the laughs.

1 - Hunger Games Bubble Surrounds Isle Of Wight?
So this actually was a dream that I had last night. I dreamt that I visited the Isle of Wight with a bunch of bloggers and youtubers and we all stayed in a massive hotel and we had a whale of a time. ENTER STRANGENESS... When we went outside we noticed a giant bubble round the isle. Kind of like in the Hunger Games and an episode of the Simpsons (LOL!). When enquiring about this, we were told the bubble exists because the humidity outside was making people ill, so only pure oxygen was pumped into the bubble. We were also told that their schools taught children how to make artificial honey because there were no bees, flies or other insects in the bubble. People had jobs cleaning the bubble and importing visitors via an underground tunnel so the bubble wasn't contaminated.

I have never visited the Isle of Wight but something tells me that there is no Hunger Games-esque bubble surrounding it.

2 - "Why are you taking blood from my ankle?"
I dreamt that I had to go for an ankle xray and it was going to be painless, but I had hyped it up to all of my friends and family that it was painful (I did tell you these are weird dreams!) so when I got to the hospital for my ankle xray, the nurse told me "I'm just going to take a blood sample" and then tried to get it from my ankle! I started freaking out asking why she needed blood from my ankle and all she said was "I did say this would be painful" and the person in the bed next to me started to laugh at my pain! Such a weird dream...

3 - "Dad, There's a T-Rex outside"
Every time I think or watch Jurassic Park, I have this dream that there's a T-Rex outside. In the dream, I wake up during the night and can hear a lot of commotion outside, I look out the window and there's a T-Rex. I run through the house shouting that there's a T-Rex outside but no-one believes me, so it's up to me to get rid of the Dinosaur. I go outside with a red scarf in hand and it chases me through the street and I throw the scarf up a tree and the T-Rex forgets about me and I go home and go back to sleep.

So there you go! there are three of my weirdest dreams! I genuinely have no idea what they mean or anything and if I'm really honest, I don't really care, I just wanted to share some with you because even reading them back to myself I can't help but laugh.

Let me know about some of your weird dreams in the comments below! I would love to read them!

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