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Joining The Asda Knitwear Care Club

Hi loves!

Everytime I go to Asda I end up spending a bleeding fortune at George because although they're low priced, they certainly don't scrimp on the quality and I always find what I'm looking for. I was contacted by the lovelies at George at Asda to ask me to join their Knitwear Care Club and to pick a few pieces to show off on my blog.

First up, here are the pieces I chose from George (note how cute the background is. It was snowing last weekend in Dumfries - Blog picture taking GOLD!)

I am really embracing the faux fur trend this winter and I loved this black coatigan with detachable faux fur collar on it. This is warm without being suffocating which I really like too. Coats are such a hit and a miss for me because I get too hot very easily and so finding something like this which is inbetween everything was like perfecting my layering A game.

The cardigan is open so it doesn't fasten which is great if you don't want to feel restricted with zips or buttons but it can also mean your chest gets cold. Especially when not wearing a scarf because if you did you would feel hotter than a sauna. Just sayin.

Onto the jumper. It might not be Christmas anymore (sob) but when I saw that white fluffy wet stuff falling from the sky (snow, not just white rain or anything...) I knew it was time to break out the cringey Christmas sweater.

This one LIGHTS UP AND PLAYS A SONG!! Oh yes, it's the epitome of class. I only ever press the big red heart when I'm trying to make a good impression with someone. I don't play my song for just anyone, I'm not that kinda lass. Lolz.

Before I broke out the Christmas jumper, I used my little de-bobbler from the Asda knitwear club. I don't know how or why it happens, but for some reason I always get little bobbly bits on the underarm area so I whapped this bad boy on which got rid of it. Life, Saver.

I was feeling tempted to wear the faux fur collared coatigan on a night out one night and noticed my cats also liked it and had left traces of themselves behind as evidence. The dreaded cat hair had made an appearance and while it seemed like my dreams of wearing it out were almost dashed UNTIL THE LINT ROLLER ENTERED THE BUILDING. Oh yeaaaah! I used the lint roller that came in the pack and was cat hair free for the evening. Holly 1 - Cats - 0.

As for the moth ball things that come in the kit, well if I'm honest. I clean things out a lot and so rarely have issues with this but they do smell nice and I've put some in my drawers (chest of, not pants. Ooo-er.). I reckon my Mum will likely thief these.

Head on over to Asda to check out the knitwear I featured and of course to purchase the lint roller, debobbler and mothball preventor things. 100 points for greatest description ever goes to.... not me.

What knitwear are you loving wearing right now?

H x

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