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Plus Size Pregnancy

When I first discovered I was pregnant, I was instantly hit with this fear of 'I'm overweight, will I hurt my baby?' and 'Will I even get a baby bump?' In todays post, I'm going to talk about how I've experienced plus size pregnancy (so far! I'm currently 15+4) and tell you what the experts have told me.

For those of you who don't know,  I am a UK size 20/22 which places me firmly in the plus size category. My weight/height ratio makes me in the obese category.

You see and hear so many things in the media that are unfounded nonsense, but you also hear experts discussing things that are definitely not unfounded. I was struggling to find the middle ground between the two. I figured the only way to deal with my insecurities was to ask the experts.

I wrote down all of the questions I had in mind and throughout my appointments, asked different medical experts (doctor, midwives, pharmacist) for their thoughts.


When I first discovered I was pregnant, I called my GP and registered as pregnant and asked if I had to do any further tests for the doctor. At first I spoke with a lovely medical secretary. I was understandably shaken and because of my anxiety it was obvious in my voice how I was feeling. Because of this, the lovely lady offered to transfer me to the doctor.

When I spoke to the doctor I explained everything and then burst into tears. The Doctor said 'Are you ok? was this unexpected?' I said 'I'm thrilled but I'm terrified' he asked what I was scared of and I said 'I'm significantly overweight'.

My Doctor replied with "ha! don't worry about that! It doesn't matter right now. You're otherwise healthy and if there are any problems that arise we will take good care of you and your baby. You're not at any higher risk than anyone else right now so let's just take each day as it comes".

I can't lie, his blasé attitude really assured me but at the same time, I felt compelled to discuss it with my midwife once I was assigned one.


I've spoken to quite a few midwives thus far and haven't actually spoken with my actual midwife yet due to Coronavirus/Covid-19. With that said, I've been very well taken care of so far and I've been able to speak to someone anytime I've needed to. On my 'booking appointment' which was a phone appointment, I asked my Midwife a few questions.

I'm significantly overweight. Should I be worried?

The lovely midwife replied by asking me about my health in general (I keep pretty good health). I was asked about my blood pressure to which I explained that I have 'white coat syndrome' (I get high blood pressure in a medical environment caused by anxiety).

I was told "Ok Holly, first thing's first. Congratulations!!! I am going to treat you the same way I would with any pregnant woman. When you're overweight you sometimes get high blood pressure which we will keep an eye on because of the risk of pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia can happen to anyone at any size but it's straight forward to monitor and control your blood pressure should that be an issue. We will increase your visits in the third trimester just to keep an eye on you. Gestational Diabetes is also something we will keep an eye out for, but Holly, I've seen heavily overweight women sail through pregnancy with no issues and I've seen slim women have the issues we discussed. Pregnancy is unique to each woman and size invariably doesn't impact that much! The end result is equal in any woman - which is usually a happy healthy baby."

Am I 'High Risk'?

"Not right now, but we will monitor you throughout pregnancy just as we would with any woman"

Will I Squash my Baby?

"No. It's well protected in there"

Will I have any problems at my ultrasound? I've heard if you're overweight it's hard to see baby.

"Noooo! Just drink plenty of water and if all else fails we will do a T/V scan. There's always a way! We are more than used to different body types."


I also spoke to my pharmacist as I was advised to take 5mg of folic acid daily, Vitamin D and a baby aspirin daily. I asked him if this meant anything, to which I was told:

"It's a higher dose of Folic Acid because you have a higher BMI, it just means there's more needed. Everyone is advised to take Vitamin D and as for the baby aspirin, it's a preventative measure for Pre-Eclampsia. Many women are offered it."


I feel the exact same things as other pregnant women. I've developed a burning hip which tingles when I lie on it which I was convinced was being caused by my weight but after bringing it up to a midwife she informed me that it was simply the Uterus putting pressure on the sciatic nerve and that it happens to women of all weights.

Aside from that, I think my mindset has a huge roll to play in how I'm feeling. Anxiety is something I've had to deal with for many years but since becoming pregnant, I feel as though it has been heightened.

Aside from that, I'm ok. I feel so blessed to be pregnant and I'll update you every step of the way.

H x

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