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Marc Jacobs Daisy Review

Hi everyone!

The lovely people over at Fragrance Direct recently sent over some perfume for me to try and one of them was the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume which i have been dying to try ever since it was released so I was majorly happy when this arrived on my desk.

The box is black and has teeny tiny little daisies round the edge which i love! It's innocently feminine and sexy at the same time which can  be hard to find. The bottle is classic Marc Jacobs - Glass with the Marc Jacobs logo on the front, but this also has a group of rubbery daisies on the top which is the lid.

The perfume itself is now my new 'night out' scent. Sounds funny but I'm the kinda girl who likes different perfumes for different occasions and moods, this is my night out perfume! 

It does not smell anything like daisies, in fact it isn't very floral at all which i like because sometimes floral scents can be too heady for me. This is sweet but not sickly, sharp but not heady. That's the best way i can think to describe it! I am rubbish at explaining fragrances! 

I asked my girl-friends if they liked this, they all agree with me and think its a gorgeous scent, but i also went one step further and asked a MAN if he liked it - he said it makes me smell like i've just came out of the shower. I'm guessing in man planet this means he likes it!

For more information on Daisy Marc Jacobs, head on over to Fragrance Direct where you will find literally hundreds of different perfume's and gift sets!

Which perfume do you swear by?


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  1. Lancôme - La Vie Est Belle is my absolute favourite. Not cheap but a little goes a long way.


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