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Miley Cyrus - My Thoughts!

Hi everyone!

This blog entry is a little bit different to what I normally do, but there has been such a Twitter hoopla that I thought I would write a little post called "Miley Cyrus - My Thoughts!".

First thing's first, Miley was the cute Disney star called Hannah Montana who played a blonde teenager who made all her fans go craaaaay for her performances in her hit television show.  The star then progressed to releasing her own album, one album turned into more and before you know it, Miley's gone and got herself a white-blonde crop with lashings of red lipstick... OH and not to mention starting a new dance craze 'twerking' which sees the star shake what her momma gave her.

Miley has faced a looooot of criticism lately. The star recently released her single 'We can't stop' where she is seen dancing around provocatively and singing about things that are less than disney-like. Following that, Miley starred at the VMA's where she donned a whigfield-esque hairdo to sing alongside Robin Thicke and got all up in his fiiiine married hotness and placed a foam finger in places no-one wants foam. People all over the globe lost their shizz and soon Miley was facing claims that she has 'gone off the rails' and 'needs to go to rehab'.  Now while I'm not here to speculate whether she has problems or not, the star has unfairly been called names no woman should ever be called, has faced horrendous press and most recently has split up with her fiance, Liam Hemsworth... (Who by the way... DAYUM!)

Speaking of splitting up with her fiance, she has also released her single 'wrecking ball' (where she mounts a wrecking ball... naked.) it seems the star wrote the song about her former fiance as she recently was spotted as an emotional wreck when she performed the new track.

So again, people are now saying she's had a complete meltdown, but the question remains, what are MY thoughts on Mileys recent behaviour?

I LOVES me some Miley. People keep saying she's crazy, I think she's a smart business woman who is finally spreading her wings and finding which direction she wants to head in for her career.  Her new music is the BEST music she has ever released.  Part of growing up is making mistakes and learning from them, Miley's young! she has grown up in the industry and knows how to live under the spotlight. If Miley had been slapped with the cray cray stick, her family would have intervened long before now.  Who hasn't had a few too many drinks? who hasn't dressed provocatively? who hasn't let their hair down and gone a bit too far? we've all done it!

The reason popstars end up in rehab is partly because of the pressures the press and the public put upon them. How much would you bet that Miley's concerts are all sold out? she's seeing £ signs while having the time of her life!

No woman EVER deserves to be called some of the things Miley's been called! I think she is a credible musician who pushes the boundaries, but thats how stars like Madonna and Freddie Mercury existed. Let Miley do her thing!



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