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Travel 101: Prep - Teeth Whitening

Preparation is key. If you're like me and you're obsessed with overly preparing for everything, then this travel series is definitely for you.

There's a few things I do to prepare for going on holiday including teeth whitening, hair removal, tanning, nails, eyelashes and packing.  Today, I'm going to tell you all about teeth whitening.

Girls, if you read this blog or stalk my instagram (I am OBSESSED with Instagram) then you will know that even though I don't smoke or drink a huge amount of coffee, I still have yellowy teeth. It's the most annoying thing in the world when you brush your teeth twice - sometimes thrice - everyday and STILL have yellow teeth, but my tooth enamel is naturally an off white colour.

The yellowness was caused by years of not going to the dentist as a teenager (I was majorly afraid) but still, even now that I go to the dentist and look after my teeth I still have problems. I've tried every whitening toothpaste and remedy under the sun short of having them professionally done. (next step I think!). I was recently given a Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean rechargeable toothbrush to try out.

My day to day toothbrush is an electric one, but this one has received rave reviews as it promises to whiten your teeth within one week. Big claims, I'm sure you'll agree, so I was pretty excited to try it out, particularly with my holiday right around the corner.

I was sent the pink version of this (which retails at £250)and apart from anything else, it's SO pretty. the case is textured and heavy as well as functional (we'll get to that in a minute!). It's definitely the most stylish toothbrush I've ever used which is great for travelling.

So let's get into the details of the actual product itself and find out if it really works.

First off this has five settings (just just one button to navigate through and different lights to indicate which setting is being used). the settings are:
  • Clean - For general cleaning
  • White - Whitening
  • Polish - Feels like a scale and polish at the dentist without the scale Lolz
  • Gum Care - Keeps gums healthy
  • Sensitive - Ideal if you have sensitive teeth or just a couple of sensitive teeth.
I put the brush head onto the device and chanced my luck by pressing the button to see if it had any charge and it did! It made a good amount of noise and shook more than the dentists drill (in a non frightening way!). Even though this already had some charge in it, I charged it up in the glass provided (a glass is provided that charges your toothbrush just by placing your toothbrush in it!

I left it charging for roughly an hour which charged it completely because it already was partially charged. If you don't want to use the charger glass or are travelling, you can charge it up by plugging a USB into the travel case. One charge apparently lasts 3 weeks (or 45 2 minute brushes) - I'm 10 days in and still am not showing any signs of needing to recharge it.

I was worried about using the glass for anything other than charging but it's perfectly safe to use it for mouthwash. Bonus!

I got using this on the clean setting for the first 30 seconds (this has a built in 2 minute times which alerts you every 30 seconds) then moved onto whitening, before moving onto polish and then gum care. I don't really have sensitive teeth right now so I have no use for the fifth setting.

I would say my mouth felt like it was in a car wash - haha! I felt like every crevice, surface and slither of cake that I ate earlier in the day, were officially gone. It was like leaving the dentist on scale & polish day. It was like having your mouth go through the carwash or that amazing invention on Casper the Friendly Ghost where the brushes come down and brush your teeth and shave your beard. Not that my beard needs shaving. Lolz! I don't have a beard, honest!

Did I notice any whitening after 1 day? not really, but I did feel like the girl in the Listerine advert who can't stop running her tongue over her teeth.

The results after a week however, were amazing. I felt like there was less 'residue' on my teeth. I could literally make them squeak they were so clean. I found less lingering pieces of food and without sounding disgusting, when I floss, I don't notice any foul smells from remaining food. In terms of whitening, I would say this has definitely removed any stains and look significantly whiter. Would I say my dentist could probably do a better job of whitening? yes, but I have never had cleaner, healthier teeth and gums in my life and that's what matters most.

I will be continuing to use this up until and including whilst I'm on holiday to keep my teeth looking and feeling amazing. I can't actually believe the difference this has made to my teeth, I'm literally blown away and it's not often I say that on here.

Have you tried this out or will you be trying it out? as I said before, it retails at £250 but Philips are currently selling it for £125 on their website.

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