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Hi everyone!

Prior to going on holiday and having the bug from hell upon my return, I went to an influencer event at Browns in Dumfries to celebrate the rebranding of 'Browns' to 'Nelson Brown'! Huge congrats Nelson! (Visit his new website HERE)

Nelson had let me know about the event 2 weeks in advance and asked if I had any influencer buddies I'd like to invite, so I took this time to ask some lovely girls including Jane, Jordanne and Katie.

It was SO nice getting to meet the girls properly despite a huuuuge amount of nerves on my part. Anyways, on to the event!

I've already explained how amazing the salon is to you lovely lot before. I love how boujis, fashion forward and friendly it is.

The event included a bar, (I had a fishbowl full of pink champagne), food (not your average cocktail sausages! THERE WERE SCONNES!), Guinot demonstrations with the wonderful Kerry, a salon tour, stylists all ready to do your hair and of course Nelson himself.

We were split into two groups - one half of us went to experience Guinot treatments and the others had their hair done by the wonderful stylists.

I went to Guinot first, where Kerry was demonstrating a treatment by Guinot called Hydraderm Cellular Energy Lift. The idea is that it is a gym free workout for your face.  Kerry asked if anyone was interested in coming forward to try out the treatment - Queue silence haha! So obviously I stepped up first as her willing guinot pig (see what I did there? haha!). The treatment involved a wee machine that kerry used on my jawline which firmed the muscles to make the face appear to be slimmer or more toned.

The treatment feels weird AF. It's not painful or uncomfortable in the slightest, but it does make you loose control of the muscles it's working on while the treatment is being done - my lip was moving, my shoulder and arm was lifting up slightly, which just goes to prove that the Guinot is really getting to work.

After the treatment, I could see that the side which had been worked on was slightly more lifted and toned than the other side. It just appeared to be more lifted and for me, who's jawline is lined with pizza and pasta, this was brilliant! Obviously, this is temporary and the more treatments you receive the bigger and more longterm the effects are.

Kerry, as I've mentioned before is crown certified, meaning you've got the cream of the crop doing your treatment when you go to Nelson Browns.

Moving on to the rest of the event. I spent some time chatting to the lovely Grace who welcomes you as you arrive at the salon and met a lovely girl called Zazou, who at 14 years old has better makeup skills than I do at 31.

One of the lovely stylists from Nelsons Lockerbie branch put some waves and texture into my hair. I'm not certain of her name because I'm a looser of life and can't remember what I had for lunch most days let alone people's names haha! She was lovely and made my hair all jazzy for me.  As I was jetting off to the states the next day, I had to leave quite early, but not before receiving a goodie bag full of Guinot products and some Windle & Moodie goodies (including the fortifying spray & matte texturiser - yeeessssss!).

The whole salon looks INSANE and Nelson is very deserving of his success. Congratulations team! you've done an incredible job!

H x


  1. Wow, the salon looks gorgeous. I wish I was a closer so I could check it out myself

  2. this sounds like a great event! That's so funny about losing control in your muscles, must have been a very weird sensation! Wish there were these kind of blogger events here! x



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