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Winter Hair Care Tips*

My hair is something I am fussy about. Living in Scotland means it's pretty much always cold, but during the winter it's obviously even colder which really plays havoc on my hair which is why I wanted to share my Winter Hair Care Tips.

Quit using Dry Shampoo (at least for a wee while!)

Dry Shampoo is designed to strip the hair of oil which in turn, makes your hair dry and whilst it's in your hair can be difficult to brush which results in breakage. Give it a miss for a wee while!

Condition twice a week

I'm not big on using conditioner. I have limp hair at the best of times and adding conditioner can often just make my hair feel heavy and lifeless. With that said, using conditioner twice a week does make a difference, even if it is just on the ends.


It's literally the bain of my life. Wearing hats and scarfs or wooly jumpers has meant my hair has more static than Boris Johnson. Right before I go out I rub a tiny amount of hair oil in my palms and smooth it all over my hair.

Get yourself to the Hairdressers

Of course, having the works done at a salon can be pricey and a real luxury but having a trim will help to keep your hair in good nick. If you're a big fan of bleaching your hair, why not opt for Balayage hair colour instead? This cuts down on the amount of bleach you're using during winter? as we all know. bleach really isn't our friend when it comes to keeping our hair in good condition.

Wear a hat
If all else fails, shove a hat on. It's freezing out there afterall!

What advice have you got for winter hair?

*This is a collaborative post.

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