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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

So, Coronavirus/covid-19 is scary enough without me going on about it. I struggle with anxiety and know that so many of you lovely lot do too. Talking about the C word is a real trigger for a lot of people which is why I'm making my blog a safe, C word free zone. This is the last time it will be mentioned here on my blog and social media.

So moving on from that, I wanted to have a wee chat about Mothers Day.

This post contains gifted items and affiliate links.

Mothers Day 2020 (UK) is on Sunday 22nd of March, which can mean only one thing - Finding a nice gift, preferrably without breaking the bank.

I thought I'd come up with a few suggestions - some beauty, Fashion, something sentimental and something boozy.


Roccabox is a monthly subscription box that is aimed at all Women any age, any size, any lifestyle. The box is filled with five beauty bits that's value exceeds the cost of the box (big style!). Brands that you can expect to find in your box include Huda Beauty, St Tropez, Charles Worthington, Touch In Sol & Living Proof to name a few.

The boxes cost £10 (+ £3.95) postage per month. The price drops a wee bit if you subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 boxes. Each box is pink and filled with shredded paper for displaying the products. I even love using the boxes for storage or drawer seperators for beauty products.

For more information and to buy Roccabox, click here.


For me, sentimental gifts are the best. Something you can look back on in years to come is better than some fancy chocolate (although, if any of you have spare chocolate, fire it my way!) which is why for Valentines Day, I gave Chris a personalised photo cube as you can see in the picture. Gift Pup have a whole range of different Photo Cubes for different occasions, including Mothers Day.

The Photo cubes are made of Oak and have space for four 7cm x 7cm photos. Costing just £24.99, this is the ideal sentimental Mothers Day gift.

To buy the Mothers Day Photo Cube from Gift Pup, click here.


 If you're looking for an epic Mothers Day gift that won't leave you bankrupt then look no further than the Pink Mermaid Gin from isleofwightdistillery which is infused with island strawberries. I've put it to the test, purely for review purposes 🙄 and its becoming one of my favourite pink gins!

The bottle of this literally looks like a Mermaids tail and is a small batch gin which stands in at 38% ABV.

Priced at £35.89, this is a gin that any pink gin fan would love. Plus, what mother doesn't enjoy a wee drink on Mothers Day? I know mines certainly does!

To buy the Isle of Wight Distillery's Pink Mermaid Gin, click here.


If you're looking to buy your mum something Fashion forward, I've found some great deals!

- Simply Be - 30% off head to toe looks.
- New Look - £5 Free when you buy a £30 Gift Card.
- Missguided - 25% off everything using code 'lucky'
- Boohoo - 25% off everything

Whatever you decide to get or do for Mothers Day, I hope you have the best time!

H x

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