review: The Hair Boss Heat Protection Spray

​Anyone who knows me will tell you I am the girl who has her hair tied up within an hour of a night out. My hair refuses to hold a curl and due to postpartum hair loss, I treasure every lock of hair on my head so I rarely use products in order to keep it as healthy as I can, but especially with Christmas round the corner, I wanted to try a product that would give some hold to my hair but without compromising on its health, which is why the Hair Boss Heat Protection Hairspray landed on my doorstep in great time.

I have long-ish hair that has no shape and despite the fact that I’ve not been blessed with the worlds thickest locks, my hair is quite heavy, which means it rarely ever holds a style (unless it’s straight!). I suffered, like a lot of new mums, with postpartum hair loss. Now that it’s finally starting to regrow (my son is 2 now!), I treasure every strand. I don’t enjoy using mousse or many other products because they add a lot of texture which can cause some of my hair to shed. 

The hair boss heat protection spray claims to protect hair up to 230 degrees while you style and has a flexible hold. Now, since having a baby, I don’t have as much time as I once did to persevere with new products that don’t tick all the right boxes for me. I’m not easily impressed, which usually makes for a very honest review, so here’s my thoughts on it. 

I have now used this twice. Once was used to prep my hair as I styled it (I curled it with my straighteners) and then used it at the end of styling to ‘fix’ my mane. The second time I used it I used it purely as a finishing spray. Here’s my pro’s & cons. 


- protected my hair whilst styling 

- curls lasted longer 

- brushed out nicely 

- surprisingly added volume to my hair 

- well priced (£5.99 at Superdrug)


- smells like ‘hairspray’

- had a sticky finish when used before heat 

When I used this purely as a finishing spray, I didn’t find this to be sticky, however I did notice my curls lasted longer when I used this whilst styling. The issue with using it whilst styling to protect the hair is that it makes my hair ‘tough’, so although it brushes out nicely, it’s tuggy whilst doing so, therefore is causing a little bit of shedding. 

As I mentioned before, the product surprisingly added a good amount of volume to my hair (you may have seen this on my Instagram stories!) which I really like and I love the fact that it costs just £5.99. I also found my hair still looked shiny, so it wasn’t mattifying which I also really like. 

Like I said before, the smell is very ‘hairspray-ish’ but it’s not overwhelming. 

I would recommend using this instead of a hairspray and would personally use on occasions (like nights out etc). It’s a really good gift too as it looks expensive without the hefty price tag to go with it. 

The Hair Boss by Lisa Sherpherd is available at Superdrug

This product was very kindly gifted to me.