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The Odd One Out?

I recently watched Jesy Nelsons 'the odd one out' documentary and had some thoughts that I wanted to discuss.

If you haven't seen the documentary, then it follows the story of Little Mix's Jesy Nelson as she talks about her experience with online trolling, bullying and deciding to end her life, which, thankfully, she survived.

Watching the documentary made me realize that everyone, regardless of our income, profession, race, shape, size, religion or sexual orientation has insecurities and has a story to tell.

I've spoken candidly before about body dysmorphia and the struggles I've faced growing up as a plus size woman.

I don't know if you over analyse yourself and your flaws to the extent that I do, but in this picture all I can see are the flaws that will undoubtedly be pointed out to me in the comments below. From my double chin to the fat rolls on my thighs I struggle how to find inner peace and self-acceptance. I know that posting this picture is a risk because social media can be harsh, especially when people are using it to hate from behind a screen without realising the impact that it has on others.

I think it's easy to forget that there are people behind the screens and it's too easy to say something you may not necessarily mean. You cannot change what you have said in the past, none of us can, but please before you write a comment and send it, consider how you would feel receiving it.

I'm not judging you I'm just asking you to realise the impact of your words, because if Jesy Nelson's documentary has taught us anything it should be be that life is delicate and our souls are fragile. Even the strongest hearts can be broken.

I'm posting this picture to remind myself and everyone else that in a world which may appear to be perfect, we all have imperfections and and this is real life.

Please remember that we only show the world what we want it to see and whilst there is nothing wrong with that, it is important to remember that there is a life that the world does not see. These are my flaws. I hope someday you'll share yours.

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Holly x

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